How To Block Website Notification In Chrome | Disable Notification On Google Chrome

How To Block Website Notification In Chrome
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Block Website Notification In Chrome

How To Block Website Notification On Google Chrome | Stop a Website from Sending Notifications in Chrome

Block Sites From Sending Notification On Chrome, How To Block Website Notification In Chrome, Block Notification On Chrome, Turn Off Chrome Notification, Stop Notification From Google Chrome For Specific Site, Disable Notification On Google Chrome. Hello friends , hope you all enjoy our articles on Daily Tricks And Tips . As today we will share you process from which you can avoid the annoying notifications on Chrome . We all are tired of the spam like notifications from unknown different websites , so we have a step by step guide to get rid of all the notification in Chrome.

Recently We have to share How to Clear the Cache in Google Chrome And Today We will share you the tricks and tips from which you can simply Block Website Notification In Chrome . You can very easily block ads and get rid of cookies notifications.

Now a days browsing the internet has become a nightmarish experience for all of us because almost each and every other websites is given us a pop up to get it’s notification . As these websites notification come every time when we open chrome & in between of our work and unfortunately we may end up inadvertently clicking on notification OK button to allow these intrusive , distracting and annoying Sites notifications.

Do not panic , because Google Chrome gives you an option in chrome to disable and block website notification in Chrome . So you don’t have to deal with clicking to Ok button on chrome Notification or you don’t have to close multiple pop-up notifications . As from the right process we can block notification in Chrome and after that you can enjoy less annoying and without distracting online reading experience in Google Chrome .

How To Block Website Notification In Chrome

It can be sometime very helpful to have a Google chrome Notification enabled for some specific websites which you daily visit or visit regularly , but the websites which you never entended or you didn’t even listen about it , if they send you the unnecessary notifications which are of no use to you , then it annoys so much . So their are some steps from which You can simply disable notification on Google chrome from the Chrome Settings option .

1 . First of all open Chrome .

2 . Now at the top right corner of the chrome browser , you will see More option ( Three Vertical Dots ) , just click on it .

3 . In that select Settings .

4 . After that just scroll down to the Privacy and Security section ,and then click on Site Settings .

5 . Now select Notification option .

6 . And finally you will see ” Sites Can Ask To Send Notification ” option , so switch it to the Off position .

So like these you can Block Sites from Sending Notification On Chrome . Simply you can Turn Off Chrome Notification Settings . We have shared these information with you because many people were upset and angry on these unnecessary chrome Notifications and they always ask a question that How To Block Website Notification In Chrome or How To Disable Notification In Google Chrome . So we have shared you the simple process from which you can easily block website notification in Chrome .


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