How to Clear the Cache in Google Chrome

How to Clear the Cache in Google Chrome
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Clear the Cache in Google Chrome

How to Clear the Cache in Google Chrome

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How to clear the cache in Google chrome

Today we are here with our new trick and tip on How to Clear the Cache in Google Chrome. Sometimes it happened that your Google Chrome App is struggling, sometimes it hangs also and even it didn’t load properly. These all problems arrive because whenever we visit any website then our web browser saves some information from that website in our Mobiles or Computer/PC Hard Drive. These saving information process in browser is known as “Browser Cache “. Now please follow some given steps to Clear the Cache in Google Chrome.

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Steps – How To Clear The Cache In Google Chrome

For Local Data

Their are some different 2-3 steps to How To Clear The Cache In Google Chrome, you can follow any of one Clear Cache .

1.) Step – In the upper right corner of the chrome click on “Menu” button and in menu option tap on  “More Tools >> and then click on “Clear Browser Data ” .

2.) Step – Go to option ” Menu ” >> then select ” Settings “ >> then click on ” Advance ” > now tap on  “Clear browsing data…“.

3.) Step – On keyboard press CTRL” + “Shift” + “Delete on Linus or in Windows .

Now you have to select the time of cache information you want to delete . Finally select the Clear Browsing Data option and then chrome will delete your all cache .

For Google Account Data

Their are some browsed data which get stored in your Online Google Account . These type of online data also sometimes create difficulties in apps and softwares .

To Clear cache for online data you have to go to Google – My Activity button

1.) Step – First of all go to option Menu their you have toSelect Your Activity which you want to remove , just select them and Delete it .

2.) Step – Now In your App or software go to option Menu and select Delete Activity By . Now choose what you want to delete and click on option Delete .


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