How To Connect Wireless Headphones With PC And Laptops

How To Connect Wireless Headphones With PC And Laptops
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Wireless Headphones With PC And Laptops

How To Connect Wireless Headphones With PC And Laptops

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Today, smartphones and accessories are one of the most used devices. Audio products are the ones most of us often choose when it comes to accessories. Nowadays we are focusing more on wireless products like headphones and speakers brand. If you go out to get a new pair of headphones, you are quite nervous about what kind of headphones are good.

These headphones are not the only over-the-year wireless headphones you can buy. Rather, you can also lay your hands on wireless neckband or TWS earbuds. Most of these products are compatible with smartphones and it supports both Android and iOS devices.

But do you know that you can also add these wireless headphones with your computer or laptop? If yes, then please tell us by commenting, otherwise this post is for you. While pairing a headphone with a smartphone is a fairly simple step, connecting it to a computer is not of much use. Let’s take a look at the steps for connecting wireless headphones with a computer / laptop.

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How To Connect A Bluetooth Headphones With PC

1.) First, make sure that both your headphones and the PC with which you want to connect it must be turned on.

2.) Now turn on the pairing mode on your Bluetooth headset. Typically, the pairing mode of most Bluetooth headphones is enabled by pressing and holding the power key. However, some units also have a dedicated key.

3.) After the headphones are in pairing mode, go to the control panel of your computer or laptop.

4.) You can also search for Bluetooth settings through the search option directly in Windows.

5.) When you click “Add Device”, your PC starts detecting available Bluetooth devices nearby. You add headphones by seeing the name of the list.

6.) Once the driver is installed, you will be able to use the pair with the computer.


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