How to Extract Zip File On PC

How to Extract Zip File
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How to Extract Zip File On PC

How to Extract Zip File On PC

How to Extract Zip File On PC, How to extract zip files on Android, How to extract zip file in PC, How do I unzip files for free. Hello friends, hope you all are enjoying our Free Recharge Tricks & Free Earning Tricks.  We are daily posting many tricks related to Cashback Offers and Loot Tricks. Today We Have Posted The How To Change Email ID In Google Pay & Working Methods. We are back with How to Extract Zip File.

In today’s times, computing devices such as PCs and laptops are not only an integral part of the workforce, but also for personal use. It helps us in completing many of our tasks and along with that there is a system of data storage in these machines. We can save files in various formats and use them later as per our convenience. There are several ways by which you can transfer or share data with your peers.

This has been one of the biggest concerns among users sharing large size files. There are many methods by which you can transfer data to other machines, sharing zip file has always been a good method of data transfer. This is especially the case when we need to move many large files from one place to another. Do you know how to open a compressed folder and extract files? In this article, we are going to tell you some steps for the same.

How to Extract Zip File

How To Unzip A Compressed Folder?

1.) First locate the folder you want to unzip on your computer or PC storage.

2.) Now you have to right-click on the folder, and look for the option ‘Extract All’. Click this option to start the extraction process.

3.) Now, then you need to select the ‘Next’ option.

4.) After the above steps are completed, you will get the ‘Browse’ option. This allows you to select a target location. Where you want to extract all files.

5.) Now all you have to do is click on the ‘Next’ and ‘Finish’ tabs and the file will appear in the destination folder.


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