How to Share Screen on Microsoft Teams

How to Share Screen on Microsoft Teams
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Share Screen on Microsoft Teams

How to Share Screen on Microsoft Teams

How do I share my screen in teams, How to Share Screen on Microsoft Teams, How to share screen on Microsoft Teams on Mac, Microsoft Teams share multiple screens. Hello friends, hope you all are enjoying our Free Recharge Tricks & Free Earning Tricks.  We are daily posting many tricks related to Cashback Offers and Loot Tricks. Today We Have Posted The How To Change Email ID In Google Pay & Working Methods. We are back with How to share your screen in Microsoft Teams.

Over the past several years, many new online video conferencing platforms have come on the market. The Microsoft team, Zoom and others have become quite popular with consumers since their arrival. And in the coming times, they have proved to be very helpful. These platforms have helped shape the remote work culture. Using these platforms, team members can not only do video conferencing but can also share any file with their help and can easily chat with anyone with their help.

We can use the Microsoft Teams on desktop as well as smartphones now. With your home work, you can work with many new features to make your office work easier. This is a feature where you can also share the screen of your laptop / desktop with your accompanying logo. Screen sharing steps are quite easy on the Microsoft Teams. In this article further, we are sharing some steps for the same. So let’s go to those steps.

How Can You Share Screen On Microsoft Teams

1.) Firstly open the Microsoft Teams on Your Laptop/Deskto/Mobile to get start.

2.) Now find the ‘Share’ tab from the UI. Click on this option.

3.) When the above step is completed you will be given several options, which you can share. Among the available options are Desktop, Window, Powerpoint and Browse.

4.) Now you select the ideal sharing option. With the first option you can share your entire screen. The second option allows you to share a specific window. You will be able to share a presentation using the PowerPoint option. Whereas, the browse option lets you share any type of document stored on your device.

5.) You can stop sharing your screen after using all your steps.


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