How To Transfer Bitcoins To Paytm Wallet

How To Transfer Bitcoins To Paytm Wallet

How To Transfer Bitcoins To PayTM

How To Transfer Bitcoins To PayTM Wallet | Full Process

Transfer Bitcoin To PayTM Wallet, Transfer Bitcoin To Bank Cash, Transfer Bitcoin To PayPal, Sell Bitcoin To PayTM Wallet, How To Transfer Bitcoin PayTM PayPal Bank Cash?, How To Sell Bitcoin Online In India?, How To Sell Crypto Currency Online In India? Hello friends, hope you all are enjoying our Free Recharge Tricks & Make Money Online Tricks.  We are daily posting many tricks related to Cashback Offers and Loot Tricks.Here i am back with How To Transfer Bitcoins To PayTM.

I am talking about India’s most reliable bitcoin exchange called WazirX and it is the best website to transfer your crypto currency to Paytm wallet or bank.

You can check WeSing App Free PayPal Cash Method from Here. WRX, the utility token supported by WazirX, forms the backbone of the WazirX ecosystem. We launched WRX tokens to engage our community to help us create WazirX, and reward them accordingly for considering our success.

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How To Transfer Bitcoins To PayTM Wallet?

1.) First of all you sign up from here on India’s most trusted bitcoin exchange website.


2.) Click On Given Link in your Default Browser and Sign Up Using your Email Address and Verify it with OTP.

How to transfer bitcon

3.) Enter your Mobile Number and Verify with OTP.

4.) You can complete KYC for more profit if you want to trade, just do SKIP but in case of withdrawal upload your PAN and Aadhaar to withdraw in bank or paytm wallet.

How to transfer bitcoin

5.) After completing KYC, download the WazirX app and log in using your details.

“Note – After Loging Add Your UPI or Bank Account or Paytm Wallet”

6.) Open the app and go to FUNDS or deposit option and find your coins you want to exchange.

how to transfer bitcoin

7.) Tap on the coin and get your QR code or address and paste it on the app or website where you have crypto or bitcoin.

how to transfer bitcoin
how to transfer bitcoin

8.) Go to your app or website where you want to withdraw and paste that address and you get your money on WazirX.

“Note – Here are the BSV coins in Houbi Wallet that I earned from DotWallet Refer Earn”

9.) Tap on Exchange on Huobi Wallet and then Sell Your All BSV to BSV/USDT.

10.) You will receive your BSV coin or any other coin in USDT.

11.) Now get USDT address as shown in step 7 and paste it on Huobi Wallet and then tap on Withdraw Tab.

12.) Paste your WazirX USDT address and choose ERC-20 and Withdrawal.

13.) You will get all your funds in WazirX Wallet.

14.) Go to WazirX App and Tap on P2P Orders.

15.) Tap Buy / Sell from below and go to Tab to Sell and enter your amount you want to sell and the rate you are expecting.

16.) You will Get Buyers within a Minute.

17.) Tap on the agreed buyer and then check your Paytm Wallet / UPI address first.

18.) Tap yes after receiving payment, I have received it and your BTC will be sent to that person.

19.) After depositing KYC from profile tab you can add your UPI address or bank account.

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