Instagram Story Music Not Working – This Song Is Currently Unavailable

instagram story music not working
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How To Fix Instagram story Music Not working

Instagram Story Music Not Working – How To Fix Instagram Story Music Not Working Error

Instagram Story Music, Instagram Story Music Not Working, How To Fix Instagram Music Problem, Instagram Music Problem, Instagram Music Problem In Android/iOS, Instagram This Song Is Currently Unavailable. Hello friends, hope you all are enjoying our Free Recharge Tricks & Make Money Online Tricks.  We are daily posting many tricks related to Cashback Offers and Loot Tricks. Now a days the people are facing a problem in Instagram App . They face the problem Instagram Story Music not working ( This Song Is Currently Unavailable ) .

Music of Instagram Story Music Not Working . Now a days everybody wants to put a cool and his/her favorite music or song besides his/her photo or video  because it make them feel better and energetic . Many wants to show their emotions to someone by putting songs on story . But they are facing problem of song currently unavailable

But many of people find difficulty to use this cool feature . Our website DMDailyTricks provides the best solutions of each and every problem /error . 

Instagram story music Not working

How To Fix Instagram Story Music Not Working Problem

Their may be many problems related for Instagram Music. As it sometimes depend on the users phone,  location , Updates , some selected users  etc. When the Customers update its story and he/she wants to put music with their photos or videos then it shows that This Song Is Currently Unavailable. Here you will find the appropriate solution of this Instagram Story Music Not Working Problem .

1. Again Reinstall It

After deleting the App again Reinstall it because as which you are again  installing may be  Updated version . So this issue will not come . Because company fix these issues in updated version .

2. Update Your Old Version

Sometimes company fix these type of small issues in updates also because these issues decrease the Rank of Apps , as people start hating it because they are not getting what they are willing to get . So company fix these issues fast and they give the solution to their users in Updates of App .

3. Install Instagram (Beta)

If by chance their is no solution then only one solution will guarantee work that is you have to Install the App Instagram (Beta) version . It will definitely not show you the problem of This Song Is Currently Unavailable . Because this is an App which is on different server and to use it you have to change the Location of Country which is very easy . Then you have to download Turbo VPN App to use the other country Server Apps . You have to connect with Turbo VPN App and after that Use the Instagram (Beta) App and fulfill your Story Music Requirement.

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Steps to change the location or logout location

1. Go to your Instagram Profile Page .

2. Then above click to menu option ( three lines or dots ).

3. Then at Bellow side of the Page Click on SETTINGS .

4. Click on Security .

5. Now click on Login Activity .

6. Then it will show you the Map where you are logged in .

7. Then click on three Dots – •••

8. At last Logout from them .

9. Then Install the Instagram (Beta) App .

Now you will not face the Instagram Story Music Problem . As now you have to only Connect from Turbo VPN App and start using Instagram .


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