PM Modi Suggest To Increase Immunity By Ayush Ministry On Coronavirus

PM Modi suggest
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#Stay Home Stay Safe Coronavirus (Covid-19)

PM Modi Suggest To Increase Immunity By Ayush Ministry On Coronavirus(COVID19)

PM Modi Suggest To Increase Immunity, Immunity Boost, Coronavirus, COVID-19,  Ayush Ministry, Tips To Increase Immunity, Tricks To Increase Immunity, Boost Immunity. Hello friends, hope you all are enjoying our Free Recharge Tricks Make Money Online Tricks.  We are daily posting many tricks related to Cashback Offers and Loot Tricks. Today We Have Posted The Paytm QR Code For Free Loot & Working Methods. Today we are here with our new Topic of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

We know Friends that this is not our Topic, but to make people alert about this Deadly Virus we have written this post. As the whole World is affected by this COVID-19 and No medications or vaccine is approved to treat the disease.

Increase Immunity

So friends just think that how much dangerous is this COVID-19. As thousand of people moved to death from this virus , that’s why we planned to give directions given by PM Modi to increase and Boost Immunity by Ayush Ministry on CoronaVirus to our friends and users .

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi suggested to Increase and Boost Immunity of body to save life from Coronavirus COVID-19 . We will suggest you the methods to increase the Immunity .

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Tricks And Tips To Increase Immunity for COVID-19

The Ministry Of Ayush has suggested some of the measures to increase the Immunity of body to fight with CoronaVirus . As risk of CoronaVirus infection is increasing day by day in the country and we don’t have any medication or vaccine to cure it .

So in this situation we have only 2 things with us to prevent it that is Prevention and to increase immune system . From this 2 things only we can get safe .

Practice PRANAYAM and YOGASANA for at least 30 minutes every day . By doing Pranayam only your immune system will increase .

1.) Drink Warm water throughout the day .

2.) Use spices like Garlic and Turmeric in cooking , as they are antibiotic and kill infections.

3.) Take Chyavanprash in the morning ( 10 gram ) .

4.) Drink Ayurvedic Herbal Tea / Decoction ( Kadha ) made from Tulsi , Daalchini , Kaalimirch and other best healthy spices .

5.) Golden Milk – 150ML hot Milk with half tea spoon Turmeric .

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During Dry Cough / Sore Throat

  1. Team inhalation with Ajwain (Caraway seeds) and Pudina (Mint leafs) can be practiced ones a day .
  2. Mix Lavang powder with natural sugar or honey and take 2-3 time a day in case of Cold and Cough.

So guys, please follow all the above steps regularly to increase your Immunity so that your body can easily fight with CoronaVirus COVID-19 .

Increase And Boost Immunity By Ayush Ministry On Corona Virus (COVID19) More Information To Visit – Ministry of AYUSH.

#Stay Home Stay Safe#


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