Here’s The Solution To Save Your WhatsApp From Not Working Because Of Old Android & iOS Devices

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Tricks To Save Your Whatsapp From Not Working On Old Smartphones

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Today we are here with our new trick about as you all know that WhatsApp is going to stop in some smartphone devices and in old iOS from 1 January 2021 . As companies try to update and start doing new changes in their product and policies . Older Android mobile phones and iOS iphones will not support the latest version of WhatsApp . These problem will force the phone users and phone owners to update and purchase the new latest Android and iOS devices . The main thing is that Facebook owned messaging app WhatsApp will no longer work or run on devices that do not run on bellow Android 4.0.3 Operating system and iOS 9 at least it should be. In every country it will be banned whether it is United States , United Kingdom and as it is banned in all continent like South America , North America , Asia , Australia , Africa , Antarctica and in Europe also . No Android phones will be allow to run WhatsApp below operating system 4.0.3 .

So , we have some tricks from which you can even just save your WhatsApp data and your Chats from getting deleted automaticaly because from 1January 2021 WhatsApp will not work on old Android versions bellow 4.0.3 and in old iPhones . So only some days are left and you should take precautions to save your WhatsApp data and chat to get automatically deleted and no one can do nothing then . As it is very normal process for Whatsapp because every year it updates it’s minimum operating system requirements .

List of Mobile Phone devices which will not able to run WhatsApp in it after 1 January 2021 .

Android Phone – Whatsapp will run in Android devices with Android 4.0.3 or in above operating system . Devices with Android version below 4.0.3 will not able to handle WhatsApp in it . As mobile phones with old Android version will loose the access of WhatsApp .

iPhone – WhatsApp will run in iPhone with Android version iOS 9 or devices with above iOS 9 versions . iPhone 4 will not be able to run WhatsApp in it and in lower model from iPhone 4 will also even not get chance to run WhatsApp . iPhone users of iPhone 4S , iPhone 5, iphone 5S , iPhone 6 and even iPhone 6S devices also have to update their operating system to iOS 9 to use WhatsApp .

List of mobile phones which will lose access of WhatsApp

1.) HTC Desire

2.) Motorola Droid Razr

3.) Samsung Galaxy S2

4.) HTC Sensation

5.) Sony Ericson Experia Arc

7.) Nexus S

8.) LG Optimus 2x

Now mobile owners can check the operating system used in their mobile phones in setting . Android users can check by going to Setting option and then in About Phone and can check the OS . iOS users can go in Setting option then in General and finally in Software Update. Like these they can check what operating system they are using in mobile .

How To Save Your WhatsApp from Being Not Working After 1 January 2021

People who are using Old version mobile phone have to update their mobile or they should purchase a new mobile before they will no longer compatible with WhatsApp or their WhatsApp get deleted automatically . So you have only one thing to follow that is you should first take a WhatsApp Backup of Chat before 1 January 2021 . If backup is not taken before 1 january 2021 then after 1 January 2021 they will not be able to take WhatsApp backup and their whole data will not get backup . So users should purchase a new Android phone with operating system 4.0.3 or above operating system 4.0.3 . After all their are very less users who have operating system below 4.0.3 version . And those who by new Android phone or who already have Operating system above 4.0.3 version can update their mobile phones , so that if WhatsApp update its features then everybody can take benefit of it by updating WhatsApp .


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