Terona Wallet Airdrop (Hack) : Earn Free Tiime Tokens By Check In Daily

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Terona Wallet Free Tiime Token

Terona Wallet Tiime Engine Offer

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Hey guys , how do you do , hope you all are good and doing well . We hope that you guys enjoyed our previous trick on Okex Karura Airdrop offer . As we daily share many tips & tricks related to Free Earning Tricks and Free Recharge Tricks . Today we are again here with an New Crypto Airdrop offer provided by Ternoa Wallet App . Users just have to daily Check In and they will earn Free Tiime Tokens . When the event will end after 7 days , than users will earn upto 50 Tiime Tokens and NFT’s for Free .

As Ternoa Wallet application is an Crypto wallet app to manage you CAPS , users can Decrypt their Secret NFT and can do access over DApps which is powered by Ternoa chain . So don’t miss this easy and free offer of earning the free Ternoa Tiime Tokens offer , so read the post and steps of getting Terona Tiime Token for free and just Download Ternoa Wallet App so that you can avail the latest offer about Ternoa Wallet Airdrop .

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Terona Wallet Airdrop – Earn Ternoa Tiime Engine Token And NFT Free

1 . First of all Download Ternoa Wallet App from the Play Store or from given Link.—-

2 . Install and open app .

3 . Click on Create Account option .

4 . After that you will go to another page , where you have to Backup Mnemonic Phase keys Page , and below, you will see NEXT option , so click on it .

5 . Now , you will be asked to enter your Name and Set Password .

6 . Your Ternoa Wallet is Ready , so click on Go To My Dashboard option .

7 . Than click on DApps , and there you will see your Tiime Engine Tokens and Secret NFT .

8 . After that click on the Tiime Engine option and just claim .

9 . Now scroll down the page and click on Boost Your Claim , so that your coins get doubled .

10 . Than enter your Twitter , Instagram id , etc. , in the box .

11 . After that go down to the page and just click on Retweet , and like their Twitter post. Now , you will get 50 tiime tokens instantly .

12 . Now to earn more Tiime Token , just visit the app daily to check-in , until this offer ends .


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